Greek Coins

At Vasilakopoulos Numismatics, we are trusted experts in all rare coins of Greek origin and our collection includes some of the rarest Greek coins.

For any matter related to rare Greek coins, Vasilakopoulos Numismatics should be your first choice.

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World Coins

We are also greatly involved with rare coins of the greater world, especially European coins.

Some of the world’s rarest coins can often be found in our collection.

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Gold Coins

Our gold coins have high purity, most with >90% gold composition. Many of them are certified by PCGS. These coins are very valuable and an important part of any collection.

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Silver Coins

Our collection also includes a significant number of silver coins. These coins can sometimes be rarer than gold coins due to silver being rarer than gold above-ground.

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Copper Coins

Our collection includes a large number of copper coins. These coins are more affordable than coins composed of more precious metals such as gold or silver, but can nevertheless be rare and valuable.

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Bullion Coins

Bullion coins are composed of precious metals such as gold, platinum, and silver, making them a great investment.

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Copper-Nickel Coins

Coins made of copper-nickel alloys are an important part of our collection. These coins are more durable than copper coins, are affordable, and may sometimes be more valuable than copper coins.

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